A chronicler of contemporary Indian pastimes & eccentricities and a keen observer of piquant humor, Laxman's brush captured the essence & effervescence of daily life in India for decades. A tiny little passport sized You Said It column (& a mute Common Man) is all he needed to put his point across where a long editorial often failed.

The sixth issue of LLT, brought out in July 2014, deals with topics like literacy education, multilingualism in the classroom, politics of language, and reflective journal writing, among others. Also find book reviews, classroom activities and reports on language workshops.

This issue of Learning Curve deliberates on the the purpose of social science in society, what the National Curriculum Framework says about the subject, the many moral conflicts while teaching it, pedagogic dilemmas, and a look at social science education across the world. The effort has been to give our readers an honest and comprehensive view of the nature of social science as a subject.

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