place value

Multiplication with multiple digit numbers is made easy with this video from Khan Academy.

This is a mathematics book with a difference. There are more stories here than problems!
Written by Mala Kumar and illustrated by Angie and Upesh, "Happy Maths - 1" looks at numbers and is intended for children who can read independently.

This resource is essential for students to clearly develop the idea that each place value is one-tenth the place value on its left. It is also helpful for children to conceptualise the decimal system as a continuum of the place value system and not a discrete one.

A Game for Learning Place Value. In the mathematics class, place value is considered one of the ‘hard spots’ for the student as well as the teacher. Here is a simple game that Maran, from Azim Premji Foundation, has used to help children practise their understanding of place value up to four-digit numbers.

Explore place value with activities to help children develop facility with numbers.

Here are activities on exploring decimal fractions through a paper kit approach. The importance of students making their own 10x10 grids and using them to understand decimal fractions is stressed. Common misconceptions which are revealed when students do mathematical operations with decimals are dealt with and strategies to avert these are given.

The previous issue of AtRiA featured the part one on exploring fractions.

"Place value" is perhaps the most undervalued aspect of mathematics in the elementary school curriculum. This article clarifies the meaning of place value and demonstrates ways to teach the principles of place value.

Here are some tried and tested “Modules” for learning different number concepts. Primary school teachers should find it simple enough to build the exercises into their regular teaching routines, as the method requires easily gathered materials and little organization.

Arvind Gupta demonstrates how to make a simple abacus using a used rubber slipper and pencils.


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