Performing arts

The deliverance of knowledge from servitude to will, this forgetting of the individual self and its material interest, this elevation of mind to the will less contemplation of truth, is the function of art.i
- Will Durant: The Story of Philosophy: Washington Square Press: 1961 p. 336

The latest issue of Learning Curve focuses on 'arts in school education'. The burthen of the collective message of this issue is: in the life of our children, Art is as essential as any other subject. Art sharpens perceptions of the world around us, it increases awareness and sensitivity. It also enhances human relationships as we discover the similarities of the artistic experience.There is a general recognition of the fact that the word 'art' encapsulates within itself a wealth of meaning, as witness phrases such as the art of writing, of communication, of social and political exchange.

Traditional Performing Arts needs to be given more importance in the education space as it provides channels for expressing the socio-ritual, moral and emotional needs of the society or societies to which it belongs. Moreover the technique and form of these rural arts can be effectively used to give students an opportunity to understand various methods of communication.

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