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When we entered GHPS Ambalanur, we found all students and teachers engaged in one or the other learning process. There are 165 students studying in this school—79 boys and 86 girls. Including the Head Teacher (HT), there are seven teachers. Every year, at least, four to five students get selected to Morarji, Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) or the Navodaya school. Ambalanur is a Lamani Thanda (settlement) with a population of two thousand people. It is situated 12 km from Basavana Bagewadi block of Vijayapur.

Tapasya Saha

Analysis of social studies papers across three Boards- what are we currently testing in social science? Is this responsible for the deplorable state of affairs?’

Children are exceptionally sharp and clear in their understanding. I got to interact with children and their confidence level and conceptual clarity about a lot of things was quite surprising—be it geography, knowing the name of oceans around our country or knowing the neighbouring countries; or be it mathematics and being able to explain multiplication and addition. A student even stood up and asked me if I know the definition of science and he went on to state the definition both in English and Hindi.


The Gaddankeri Higher Primary School (HPS) is situated in the city area of Gaddankeri. Around Gaddankeri, there were a number of brick kilns. According to sources, between 2008 to 2014, when there were fewer brick kilns (bhattis, in local language), some children used to work in these. It was at that time that Sukanya Gangal started meeting the kiln owners and parents of the children working there to motivate them to send the children to school. This had its impact and children began to attend school from November to February, every year.


Government Higher Primary School (GHPS), Makapura, in the Lingasaguru taluk of the Raichur district was established in the year 1960. It continues to serve the educational needs of children from Makapura, Marali and Telekattu villages. The number of families in these villages stands at 120, 100 and 120, respectively. Makapura village, where the school is located, is dominated by Reddy, Lingayath, Kuruba communities. There are about five families belonging to the SC community and 25 families from the ST community.


I write this to tell myself that it was not a dream...

This year I taught a bunch of fifth standard kids in Sahyadri School KFI (Krishnamurti Foundation India), who, like all others of their age, were high-energy kids; they were willing to explore but found it difficult to sit down in one place. I had a great relationship with them. The air in the classroom was of love, trust and wonder!

Learning beyond the classroom can, literally, be seen everywhere on the school premises. The school has put up learning resources for students in all possible spaces.



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