paradigm shift

Anant Gangola

The concept of Education for All is the foundation for an inclusive society but it cannot be made possible just by extending the existing idea and system of education. A paradigm shift in thinking is required. That is why, it is essential to think about the beliefs, ideologies, practices and resources in the current system of education and assess whether these are appropriate or need fundamental changes.

Saumil Majumdar

This note takes a look at the hard reality of school sports across the country and recommends the interventions needed to ensure schools develop a generation of healthier, fitter and physically active children.

We have read about Thomas Kuhn in our B. Ed days. Yes, the philosopher who came up with an idea of "paradigm shift". It was unfair that this concept is kept hidden under the pre-service teacher training programs that too only for the science teachers. In classrooms, when we tell the stories of science, we start with the name of the scientist & the discovery/invention, followed by its benefits. We barely scratch beyond that pattern.

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