This book is particularly a preparation for understanding Science. Science is built from curiosity, experience, analysis and finally the expression of a discovery. The main part of this process is arranging objects, activities and ideas so as to create a new order or pattern. Science is the discovery of new patterns. This book is to help children discover the patterns and arrangements of the world around them by using their hands, senses and minds. Understanding is the discovery of order.

Disciplining works if it is not over the top and children understand the point of it. What children disagreed with were the strategies that were used by their parents.

Magic squares have been a source of recreation and leisure from ancient times. There is something about the symmetry and patterns contained in such squares that carry great appeal. In this piece, we shall prove two simple results about 3 × 3 and 4 × 4 magic squares.
And also,

Most teachers will never encounter confrontational students. Confrontational students are a rarity. The majority of teachers will never have any problems with one. Teaching is a relatively safe profession. But for upper grades, there is always the risk. The students are bigger and have different wants and needs. Teachers should be prepared to confront a student who is raising the stakes in the classroom.

No I am not a teacher. Teaching is one of the requirement of being a Fellow. It was not such a big surprise that the 'hidden' fear of being punished by their regular teacher could also be a reason why the students request for my classes. To test this hypothesis that the fear is the reason why they are 'avoiding' their regular teacher, I narrated a story (retold by Prof Krishna Kumar) 'Elephants in the Sky'. 

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