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‘I need my space. Why can’t you understand? You don’t care about me!’
Sitting away from my clients (children and adults) and watching them on the screen talk about the way they are coping with the pandemic, I have been witnessing a lot of anxiety each one is dealing with. It is hard to say who is more affected, difficult to identify the depth of breakdown of internal coping for each one and decide the severity of the impact of the dilution of physical boundaries on each member of the family.
The context
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a mixed bag of experiences with respect to teacher professional development programmes. While it has enabled many more persons to access training programmes at very low costs, it has also extensively changed the dynamics of the programmes, not necessarily for the better.

Home delivery of food brings a sense of excitement to us as we look forward to having something different; a variety of food delivered at our doorstep, as per our liking, timing and comfort. We have grown quite used to it by now. But we had not realized that probably soon we would witness a home delivery of a different kind; the home delivery of education.

Covid-19, like on many others things, has cast a spell on education too. It has brought a disruption in the teaching and learning process leading to a sense of uncertainty among students, parents, educators and policy makers alike. The challenge is huge and uncertainties are multiple yet the show must go on and learning must never stop. This proved the driving mantra for the education administrators. Every challenge leads to discovering a new path, and UAE too carved its own path- the path of Online teaching and learning.

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