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By doing art, students can create and communicate new ideas. By seeing art, students can be inspired by new directions and new ideas. Check this Karen Haydock article where she draws from her wide experience on science reaching and learning.


When his students did not open up to actively talk or read, check what Mohit Sharma, a teacher in Dineshpur did to overcome this perennial problem and helped them improve their learning levels significantly.

In the 3rd part of the series, we are trying to find all triples (a, b, c) of coprime positive integers satisfying the property a2 = b(b + c). What solutions does the equation have (in coprime positive integers) other than (a, b, c) = (6, 4, 5)?

I still remember the day when my mother bought home a small motor boat for me and my sister. We were eagerly waiting to see how it works. There was a small cup in which oil has to be filled; a cotton wick to be placed in the oil and lighted after the boat is placed in a tub of water. Finally it was lit but the boat did not start moving. We were anxious to know what’s wrong with it.

How about a organizing a class field trip for your students to celebrate Children's Day?

Children don’t mind working hard when they enjoy it. Here are 10 ways to make homework creative, interesting and fun.



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