Shreelata Rao Seshadri

This TED Ed lesson takes you though the history & science of milk production.

After showing the video, invite your learners to this short quiz.

Additional info for further discussions:


The only unregulated area in education in India at this point is Early Childhood Education. There are a number of rules for school education, now even a law for universal school education, numerous legislations, policy structures and frameworks. However, there really isn’t anything like this for early childhood education. We do have a government pre-school system through the Anganwadis in rural areas. But there is absolutely zero regulation in the private space.

While teaching her students about vitamins and minerals, M. Sandacoumary came up with the idea of a game on the topic.

This presentation is intended to serve as a model for teachers to develop better lesson plans when dealing with the topic of nutrition and the components of food.

The activity of making a food mobile would make the process of "classification" easy for students and would go hand-in-hand with a discussion on food, health and nutrition.

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