Celebrating Pi day with one more compilation of videos dedicated to it. Prof James Grime features in this Numberphile video titled Pi is beautiful.

In this video Prof Grime shares a true story madness of how pi was almost certainly changed to 3.2!

Like many heroes of Greek myths, the philosopher Hippasus was rumored to have been mortally punished by the gods. But what was his crime? Did he murder guests or disrupt a sacred ritual? No, Hippasus's transgression was mathematically proving the hitherto unprovable. Ganesh Pai describes the history and math behind irrational numbers in this TED Ed lesson. 

The book Fermat’s Enigma – The Epic Quest to Solve The World's Greatest Mathematical Problem, by Simon Singh is reviewed here by Tanuj Shah.

Rajkishore, from APF, suggests some links on the topic that could be looked at as well:

BBC Horizon: Fermat's Last theorem. (Click on the image below to view the documentary made by Simon Singh. This documentary was later converted into his book reviewed in At Right Angles.

Can atoms explain everything? Here is a debate that invites your participation.

A poem on the imaginary number i by Punya Mishra

Read about Numberphile - a website where you will find videos about numbers and other stuff, reviewed by Rajkishore Patnaik.

Here is one way of decomposing a number into its prime factors.

Other related links:

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