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One tends to restrict teaching electromagnetic radiation only at a tabularly boring and a dour factual way. But, who says that facts can't be presented in an interesting way! Here's a poster from ICTS that talks about neutron stars and gamma rays that also briefly touches upon this year's Nobel Prize Physics winning idea that your senior school students would be keen more to know about.

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Malala shares the Nobel Peace prize with India's 

Here is Volume 16, No. 2 of Vigyan Prasar's monthly Science magazine Dream 2047 with articles on the 2013 Nobel prizes, our microbiomes, comet ISON, varicose veins etc. 

This article is a whimsical and simplified look at the work of Shapley, Gale and Roth, loosely based on an expository talk given by Prof Manjunath Krishnapur of the Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

Written by Rabindranath Tagore before India's independence, it represents Tagore's dream of how the new, awakened India should be. The original Bengali language poem was translated by the poet himself and was included in the Nobel prize winning Gitanjali in 1912. This audio is made available in public domain through

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