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The discourse around the dwindling state of our Public Education System is endless and is heard everywhere irrespective of the depth of the analysis. The state of education affects everyone, consequently, everyone seems to have an opinion about it. Our judgements are often superficial and we miss taking into account the complexity of our Public Education System – right from the classroom to the educational policies.

This Marathi short film with English subtitles holds the mirror one more time to the state of affairs in teaching landscape where the teacher, the chore of teaching and the taught are not in talking terms.

Professor Krishna Kumar has written a very thought provoking article on the CBSE’s decision to make class X board examination compulsory again. He rightly argues that compulsory class X exam will serve no useful purpose and will increase stress in children.

Rex D' Rozario was not a scientist. Nor was he a science graduate. When it comes to the most influential science journalists, his is a revered name. He was with Kishore Bharati, a Prof Anil Sadagopal's initiative.

Prof Yashpal's brilliant contributions to the study of cosmic rays notwithstanding, he is more popular to the general public as an avuncular explainer in Doordarshan's immensely popular program "Turning Point".

Recent reports from different parts of the world show that computer / IT supported learning programmes are not yielding the learning improvements expected. 
So why is this happening?

As I am going through the National Focus Group's Position Paper on Teaching of Mathematics, here is an attempt to share my understanding and change in my perception about teaching and learning mathematics.


On John Dewey's birthday, here is an excerpt from  My Pedagogic Creed, his famous declaration concerning education first published in 1897. He believed that students thrive in an environment where they are allowed to experience and interact with the curriculum, and all students should have the opportunity to take part in their own learning.

Timely & timeless words from one of the finest advocates of child centered learning.


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