my first day

Quite an Explosive Start, literally

The day was 4th July 1995, I was just 26 then. It was my first day at school as a ‘teacher’. When I joined, I was not even a graduate. I passed my Polytechnic (Electrical Branch) and was appearing for the final year degree course as a private candidate.

I completed my post graduation in English from the University of Hyderabad in 1978. I was an enthusiastic 21-year-old who knew that she would ultimately become a teacher because it fell in line with what what most people did in those days, and also because I hail from a family of teachers!

I am not a teacher by profession, I  worked in software field for almost 15 years starting my career as a programmer and quit as senior architect.

The year was 1995....the first day of my role as a teacher in Kendriya Vidyalaya is still very much fresh and alive in my memory. The date was 1st November.Even though I was appointed as a Primary teacher I was given the responsibility of teaching Sanskrit in Classes VI  to VIII due to two reasons. The school did not have a qualified Sanskrit language teacher.
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