The relevance of this book to my work is due to the fact that it is a terrific blend of conceptual understanding of fractions and the challenges faced in classrooms by the teacher during transaction of this concept. It made me re-visit my experiences in the field of education. This book has dual insightsdata from cited research studies as well as from classroom work and is a valuable resource both for teachers as well as for teacher educators. Threads have been tied beautifully from start to finish of each chapter.

These worksheets have been designed to help students develop an understanding of the parts of the body and to learn to take care of them. The worksheets will also hone the creative and critical thinking skills of the students and help them appreciate the link between science and other subjects.

Known for his innovative experiments and his contributions to the development of experimental-based teaching methods, Umeshchandra Chauhan has received many awards, including one from the President of India, for his efforts. He started out as an assistant teacher, participated in the ‘Hoshangabad Science Teaching Programme’ and went on to develop low-cost models for teaching science.

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