Seeing is believing, they say. To see it better we need mirrors and lenses. Here's a story of that and a crossword to solve as an added bonus. Use this resource before you start the chapter on 'Light'.

Use LASER pointer to trace the path of light. (NEVER point it on eyes)

The change in patterns makes the mirror games interesting. This activity aims at making the child explore and appreciate real and mirror images.

The identification of patterns is central to mathematics. Starting with simple patterns of repeating shapes, the child can move on to more complex patterns involving shapes as well as numbers. Playing with patterns gives immense joy to the child. Understanding, visualizing, and predicting patterns is very much central to appreciating the beauty of mathematics. The National Curriculum Framework 2005 stresses on this fact.

This worksheet is part of an activity titled Cycle Symmetry under the theme Playground Mathematics.

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