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 Sometimes my mind wanders back in time to joyful memories of attending a great school led by an inspiring head mistress. Lady Sivaswamy Ayyar Girls Higher Secondary School, Mylapore was where I did my class 6 to 12th.  Normal school days, sports days, exhibitions, seva sangam activities, mid-day meals, medical camps, school annual days, competitions, dedicated teachers and to top these memories are those of my headmistress Sathyabama teacher.

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Juliette Mendelovits

 “We are good at churning out people who can learn and memorise but not those who are creative or capable of original thought.” Sam Pitroda, Head of the National Knowledge Commission

A former student recalls the wonderful days spent in the company of one particular teacher who inspired her...

I studied in a private English-medium co-ed School in Dharwad, Karnataka from Kindergarten to the 10th standard. Our School started in a decades-old girls' Kannada-medium high school building. I remember moving to our own school building in the same campus in the 8th Standard.
When I first set foot in the halls of Inventure Academy, it's safe to say I was a nervous-wreck. Starting 9th grade in an all new school in an all new city can be quite a nerve wracking experience. As I first entered the class that would soon come to be one of my favorite places, I saw hoards of excited students gathering around one another, chattering and yelping like infants on caffeine. For a new student, however, the sight could not have been more intimidating. I was in their territory now and I hadn't the faintest clue about what to do.

Mrs. Anne Fernandes taught us English at school. And she taught much else.


Akshay Dixit's approach to teaching leaves a deep impact on his students and this is made clear when they express their enthusiasm to study with him once again. He is, what you'd call, a caring and nurturing teacher.

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