A question about angle bisectors Consider a △ABC in which D, E and F are the midpoints of the sides BC, CA and AB respectively. Let G be the centroid of triangle ABC, i.e., the point of intersection of the medians AD, BE and CF. It is well-known that G is also the centroid of triangle DEF. If, instead of being the midpoints, the points D, E and F are the points of intersection of the internal bisectors of

Some problems for the Senior School.

Some problems for the Senior School.

In this note we discuss the conditions that must be satisfied by the sides of an arbitrary integer-sided triangle if its medians can serve as the sides of a right-angled triangle.

Here are some problems for the Middle School. Also find the solutions to the problems given in AtRiA July 2014 issue.

Written by Mala Kumar and illustrated by Angie and Upesh, "Happy Maths - 2" looks at shapes and data. Children will get to read about how different shapes have different properties and get a better sense of what to make of all the information they gather.

We continue our informal, short self-help guide on solving geometry problems. In the second part of this series, Ajit Athle describes some strategies which help in solving geometry problems and demonstrates how these strategies are used in solving an intriguing problem. 

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