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Rarely has a book so perfectly matched its title. The Gentle Man Who Taught Infinity by Sheshagiri KM Rao is one such and what a gentle read it was! Written as a tribute to the mathematics teacher who influenced his life, Sheshagiri Rao has managed to show us with his account just how far reaching a teacher’s influence can be and how this teacher did it, not commandingly or overtly or even intentionally but with his sheer love for the subject he taught and his innate respect for the students he taught.

This article explains couple of important properties of triangular numbers, how they can be used in puzzle solving, and how triangular numbers are related to combinations. Concepts are explained in the form of puzzles and graphical illustrations. Triangular numbers are the count of objects that can be arranged in the form of an equilateral triangle. (Just like how square number s are the count of objects that can arranged in the form of a square).

Here is Mark Kleiner's review of Edward Frenkel’s work 'Love & Math: the Heart of Hidden Reality'.

Introduction: The assessment is a tool of measurement in gauging the impact of various aspects in the education system. These ranges from evaluating children’s learning as cognitive achievement in specific subjects to teachers’ proficiency in the teaching - learning process and from the impact of various kinds of schools to mediums of instructions on children’s performance.

SPKs provide out-of-school support to children studying in government primary schools and are set up by Eklavya in consultation with the community.


In recent times the mass media have drawn a lot of criticism for their negative influence on society, particularly children. The new generation is often seen as devoid of values, hooked to easy forms of entertainment and completely immune to the problems faced by many disadvantaged groups. As teachers and parents, we cannot do much to control the media environment our children live in.

This article describes how graph sheets can be used to introduce the concept of area to children. It demonstrates, with concrete examples, how the concept of area can be applied to certain geometrical figures, such as squares, rectangles, triangles or parallelogram.

While teaching division by zero to children at class 4 or 5, we just tell students that division by zero is undefined or infinity. Seldom do we try to explain the reason behind this statement, i.e., why we sometimes say that division by zero is undefined and at others we say that division by zero is infinity. Let us understand the reasons for ourselves.


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