This article aims to present some applications of trigonometry to earth sciences. We assume that the earth is a perfect sphere.

Make a paper sundial that is accurate enough to measure both hours and minutes. Also check how local latitude affects your measurement very significantly.

Mapping is a very important aspect of geography. I always find creating large colourful maps with a group of children a very engaging way of teaching geography. This year, I decided to try a world map project at school with children belonging to different age groups as I believed that this would help build a sense of community among them. This project also helped bust the popular belief among children that one has to be a skilled cartographer to create maps.

Your students will enjoy reading maps, learning about the continents, places and water bodies on the Earth and finding out more about the states of India with the worksheets given here. The exercises in these application-based worksheets are designed to develop in children research, observation, and thinking skills. They also lead children to explore related topics.

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