Through this Lessn Plan children will learn to play a type of logic puzzle and learn to solve them.

We learned to solve some word maze puzzles in the presentation on Logic Puzzles here. This worksheet has some more.


This Presentation is on logic puzzle and how to solve them.

Most problems in our textbooks are procedure oriented and repetitive; they can be solved in a mechanical fashion. There is very little scope for reasoning, investigating, discovering, predicting. Nor is there any scope for challenge and creativity. Children need exposure to problems requiring higher order thinking skills. All children deserve such experiences - the challenge and enjoyment of interesting problems in mathematics.

Breaking down a process into various steps and articulating these with text and drawings  can help students develop a variety of skills. 

What constitutes mathematical intelligence? Maths is more than just numbers and its scope is very vast. One can say that it includes intuition, common sense, logic, creativity, ability to see connections, ability to apply etc.

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