We all have an image of what a classroom looks like. It could be based on how we were taught, the
classrooms our children may be in, or classrooms that we may be teaching in ourselves....
'Nali Kali: Enabling for learning: Can more be done?' is written by Namita Gupta.
Any school which has set out to bring about learning in an interesting atmosphere could bring in a dedicated area for working with hands...writes Lalitha Manjunath in her article on what constitutes a vibrant, robust and open learning environment.
Just as a plant needs the right soil to grow, a child needs the right environment to blossom...writes Sriparna Tamhane in her article on the role the environment in the classroom and spaces outside have in shaping the personality of the child. 

...through systems design and magic' is an article by Saumil Majumdar where he also describes the “10 Laws of Play”.

I clearly remember the moment when I realized that I could read. I must have been five years old. I was at home, sitting on the floor with a storybook,... writes Suman Bhattacharjea in her article on access to learning.

To teach his students about the environment, B. Ravichandrane takes them out of the classroom. Through activities, his students learn about nature, the eco-system, etc. He shares here some of the activities they carried out, in this article published in Thisaimani (Journey 2) - an APF-Puducherry District Institute publication.

Teaching can be done in many ways. In his article, D. Arvinddaraja, talks about the project based learning approach he used to create an impression on the minds of his students. This article was published in Thisaimani (Journey 2) - an APF-Puducherry District Institute publication.

Sometimes learning becomes easier when you look at a concept as a whole and realize the relationship of the parts with the whole. Here's how you can bring concept mapping into the classroom.

Being a post graduate with 15 years of teaching experience doesn’t guarantee that you will be an authority on a subject. This is something I learned during one of the classes, at the Azim Premji School, Dineshpur. I was working with the students of class 6, during their chemistry period, though I usually don’t have anything to do with teaching chemistry.

The author shares, in his article, his experiences with Teaching Learning Material...


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