Who says testing students needs to be dull and boring - for them and for you? In this presentation, Sriparna suggests ways to evaluate students' understanding and learning through application by using photos, maps etc.

In his TED talk, Ramsay Musallam talks about the role of the teacher in cultivating curiosity. He says, "Students questions are the seeds of real learning." 

Enliven your lessons by bringing art into the classroom.

Wondering how to plan a lesson for an effective interaction in class? This presentation shows you how...

Encouraging students to be more responsible when it comes to their own learning...

 Deepalaya is an NGO run school located in the semi-urban part of South Delhi called Kalkaji. It serves underprivileged students from a nearby community. Anita Sahwney, the Principal, was aware that her higher-grade students were not taking control of their own learning as much as they should. She wanted them to learn the skill of setting academic and personal goals for themselves.

There are studies available and many books published dealing with the process of learning to read. However some of the language used often means that such  knowledge is only accessible to specialist early years professionals, when in fact many individuals are involved in preparing children to be successful readers, whether they know it or not.
‘Teaching is more difficult than learning because what teaching calls for is this: to let learn’. Martin Heidegger (1889 – 1976)

A lesson is often more interesting when students are given activities based on it. This article written by Athirai K shows us how activities can be designed around a lesson. It was published in Thisaimani (Journey 4) - an APF-Puducherry District Institute publication.

The best way to make children learn is to engage them in activities related to things they are already familiar with.
In this article, we suggest how they can be involved in putting together an artificial garden and, in the process, learn about various life forms.

Subir Shukla shares the lessons that have been learned from work in the field. He also talks about the role of the teachers and students in learning and the efforts made and challenges faced by those in the system.

An interview with Mr. Subir Shukla, Consultant at MHRD and Principal Coordinator - IGNUS-erg


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