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What do students know about soil? What experiences shape their understanding of it? What would they like to learn about soil? This article attempts to answer these questions by recording the voices of some urban and rural students in informal discussions about soil. It also provides pointers to help teachers make the classroom teaching of soil more informative, creative and interactive.

Introduce the idea of one's abilities through action verbs.

The primary school of Razmalpur, Mariyahu Block, Jaunpur U.P. conducted a science exhibition under the guidance of Shivam Singh (Asst Teacher) in 2015. The students explained the projects and models to the villagers. The sense of ownership of the project significantly boosted the students' confidence.

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Here is an activity to build your own Anemometer. Wind speed is measured using a device called an Anemometer. Find out how to build your own one by following the instructions below. This activity is taken from the Glasgow Science CentreĀ 

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It is an educator's guide for teaching science, mathematics & technology .It can be used across all age groups. It is a sheer pleasure to go through this immensely inspiring hands-on activities book.

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