From the earliest days, mankind has always been curious about why everything in our universe works the way it does...

Manish Chandi writes about our recognizing features of the Earth...because places do have faces after all.

Children get to eat cake and learn too! This interdisciplinary resource demonstrates how various skills can be learned in the kitchen.

Note: Please download the ppt file and view it using powerpoint (as a slideshow).

How can a teacher teach Math effectively? How can children learn to love the subject? Mathematics is learnt best when children are actively participating in that learning. This is true for teachers as well. Interactions are indeed the heartbeat of a mathematics classroom. The teaching and learning of mathematics is a complex activity and many factors determine its success....

To understand what it takes in terms of curriculum and other enablers, to provide quality education to the children of migrant labour Azim Premji Foundation decided to start schools for these children.


Little Ritu is very eager to see her cousin. So she posts him a very special letter. Read about it in this story by Mala Kumar, illustrated by Henu.

Why is the little girl in a hurry to get home? Find out in this story, written by Rukmini Banerji and illustrated by Santosh Pujari and Ketan Raut. 

This book is for children who are ready to read on their own. 

The Kanada story 'Daalimbeya Ruchi', by Jayashree Deshpande has been translated into English by Divaspathy Hegde and illustrated by Srikrishna Kedilaya.

This book is for children who recognize familiar words and can read new words with help. The original Marathi story 'Tarangat Tarangat’, by Vidya Tiware has been  translated into English by Rohini Nilekani. Illustrations are by Rijuta Ghate. 

This book has been written and illustrated by Herminder Ohri and is intended for children who recognize familiar words and can read new words with help.


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