Shefali Tripathi Mehta

Three decades ago, when the first two blind children from Arushi, a voluntary organisation working to empower people with disabilities, got admission into a (mainstream) school, the two of them stayed in class during the morning assembly and the games period. What will you do there? they were asked.

Chandra Shekhar Balachandran

14 On Friday, 3 December 1971, Pakistani air force incursion into Indian air space triggered a full-scale war between India and Pakistan. On Saturday, 4 December, Mr. Narasanna, social studies teacher for 8th ‘B’, National High School, Bangalore, walked into the class, 1st period, early morning.

Shwetha Ram

When I received an email from Giridhar of Azim Premji Foundation that the forthcoming issue of W their newsletter Learning Curve was all about Mathematics, two words instantly popped into my head - Love… and… Hate! And I was pleasantly surprised when I read further on that Learning Curve would like me to narrate my (rather choppy) ride with this intriguingly abominable subject called Math.

Integration of technology in teaching and learning is an important aspect of today's education. Here is a presentation, by Sriparna, on what technology integration is, its benefits, and how teachers can put it into practice. 

There are different ways to bring value education into our school and classroom. This article shares with you approaches on how to go about doing so...

If you believe that Value Education is a must in today’s world but don’t know how to go about it then here are three major approaches to Value Education/ Character Education/ Moral Education which are used globally, and could give you some ideas.

The Direct Approach- To teach values during planned VE classes

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