This is the third in the series of explorations of the properties of addition and multiplication with different number sets. After considering the set of (i) Whole numbers and (ii) Non-negative rational numbers 1 , in this article we will deal with the integers. This is a good time to reflect on the series − its need and aspiration.

Challenge your senior school students with these problems.

The understanding of integers and negative numbers in particular poses certain challenges for many people. One difficulty lies with the fact that the negative sign appears along with a number to indicate an object, a number, but the same negative sign is also used for the operation of subtraction.I have shared here an approach which I have learnt from Shri P. K. Srinivasan. I have used it for many years successfully with many batches of students and shared it with many teachers in workshop settings.

The game featuring Ali, the ant helps the learners comprehend that adding positive integers makes the number bigger. It also gives them the practice of using a scale & number line.

Shailesh Shirali takes you to a wonderful tale of Pythagoren triples one more time.

Here is a quick rewind of some interesting ideas that got featured on the Teachers of India website. We know it is not final. We know there are very many resources you found it useful that we couldn't feature in this particular list. How about you making your own list and sending it to us. We also invite you to remix ideas from your own experience and share it with larger teacher community. That would be a great bang to start the year!

Here are some problems for the Middle School. Also find the solutions to the problems given in AtRiA November 2014 issue.

You can also solve more complicated equations on a double ganit mala and open number line. This demo includes equations with multiple operations but with "x" appearing only once.

You can not only learn about basic math operations involving whole numbers and integers, but can also solve equations on a double ganit mala and open number line. This presentation demonstrates the concept of solving simple equations i.e. equations involving only one operation.

Here is a short demo on "x" and its neighbourhood on the double ganit mala and open number line.


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