His life comprised mostly of begging in long distance trains until one day he arrived at the shelter home for boys at Jabalpur. What distinguished him from the rest of the boys was his pronounced stuttering and the resultant reluctance to talk about his experiences in the group. My ‘icebreaker’ moment with him happened with very few words, amid paper, colours and pencils. During a workshop that I was conducting, I had asked all the children to visualize a place of safety and then depict it on paper.

From a software engineer to a teacher is the inspiring story of Gaurav Singh, a Fellow of Teach for India who has now founded his own Education Foundation. In this article, he tells his story.


As a creative art teacher, Lekha has a good chance to gauge the personalities of her students through their drawings.


A tribute, on Teacher's Day, to all those teachers who have been quietly changing the world.

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