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"I am handicapped but it hasn’t stopped me from succeeding and I am glad that I can inspire other disabled people in India. I have developed a lot of innovative work in ICT for my poor children and I am glad it has been recognised,” said Mr. Pradeep Negi, who was physically disabled at the age of two due to polio.


...I'm all of your fears and all of your stress,

I'm your fear of the spotlight and fear of success.

Fear of embarrassment and not enough training,

What a dangerous activity reading is, teaching is. All this plastering on of foreign stuff. Why plaster on at all when there’s so much inside already? So much locked in? If only I could get it out and use it as working material. And not draw it out either. If I had a light enough touch it will just come out under its own volcanic power.” Spinster (Sylvia Ashton Warner)

My parents never went to school but my mother ensured that her children went to the best school. The best school in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, was the St. Maria Goretti convent school. This co-educational school was run by nuns. There were nine girls and three boys in my class. Three students opted for advanced mathematics for the Senior Cambridge exam and I was one of them.

How often do we come across 80 year olds active in bringing about a social change? At 80 Ram Kaka continues to nurture and work for this dream.


Here is Ann Wiseman's inspirational words for the tinkerer, doers, doubters, the 'failures' & the triumphants residing in each one of us. The text is taken from her book "Making Things."

It's OK to Fail 

Congratulations, Hanan Al Hroub, winner of  the Global Teacher Prize 2016! Teachers of India salutes your indomitable spirit. You didn't ask moon, you didn't ask smartest of boards. All you cared for is peace for your children to let them enjoy their childhoods.


Many a teacher, who has read the autobiography of Helen Keller, would doubtless have drawn inspiration from that beautiful story, for hers is a story that has provoked many a writer, film maker and script-writer to spin a tale from a life that is as awesome as it is stranger than fiction.

Robin co-founded and teaches at Kranti, a nonprofit that empowers marginalised girls from Mumbai’s red-light areas to become agents of social change.


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