Pradeep Ramavath & Ravindraprakash

“Education department should motivate teachers to understand the potential of community contribution to students’ learning. By strengthening the partnership with panchayats and community based organizations in the community, school leaders can enhance students’ achievement and success.”

Written by Deepika Nayyar, this is a book of stories of change in the desert of Thar in Rajasthan. It documents the stories of eleven change-makers who have been bringing about change in their respective communities. It reveals the outcomes of Balika Shivirs, a revolutionary educational movement in western Rajasthan between 1995-2010.

When children enjoy coming to school, you know the teachers are doing something right.


The Rajasthan Council of Elementary Education and Azim Premji Foundation initiated a program to ‘identify good educational practices' in Rajasthan. For her determination and initiative, Laksmi Sevadiyan was chosen in the ‘School Management and Leadership’ category.


Magic happens when you integrate library books with classroom was done in Apna Vidya Bhavan.


Children have the power to change their communities, or as the founder of Design For Change terms it - the spirit of 'I CAN'. Read more about this in the article by Gauri Mirashi and Parul Patel...

In October 2009, eight 10 year-old children from a small village named Lordi Dejgara near Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India, stopped sixteen child marriages. 

In 2010, a few 11 year-old students from Lancester, Pennsylvania, U.S.A partnered with the local government to design bicycling paths in their city to tackle obesity. 

In three days and across five meetings Anurag Behar met with many teachers and government school officials who had gathered to discuss how to improve their schools. The issues were many and the solution simple - the system needs to address these issues. But among these very people were a few who went ahead and brought about the change.

Imran Khan shares with us the impact his teacher Mr. Tilak Raj Pankaj has had on the community in Mewat.

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