The Journey of Shishu Sarothi Mamta Ghosh and Neha Das

Persons with disabilities (PwDs) account for 15 percent of the total world population, of which 80 percent live in developing countries. According to Census 2011, 2.21 percent are living with one or more form of disabilities in India. This group of people remains the most marginalized and vulnerable in society. The reasons are inaccessible environment, discriminatory practices and noninclusion in society.

Kinnari Pandya

Case 1

A principal of an alternative school writes about the challenges she faces especially in special education and her interaction with families and parents.


How comfortable are children with special needs in a ‘regular’ school? Do they feel left out or are they accepted? Read to see why inclusive education will benefit not just the ‘special’ children but all the stakeholders in the system.

Rajika, from Greenwood School Hyderabad,  talks with Teachers of India on inclusive education and the approach taken to make the school more inclusive.

Rajika, from Greenwood School Hyderabad, talks with Teachers of India on inclusive education and the need to sensitize parents and teachers.  

In spite of the term “Inclusive Education” being more or less accepted globally, there seem to be some differences in the way the term “inclusion” is interpreted and practiced. The concept of inclusive education has emerged as a global movement to challenge exclusionary policies and practices and has become an effective approach to address the learning needs of ALL students in mainstream schools.

What steps can teachers take to have a truly inclusive classroom? Saravanan P., an Inclusive Education Coordinator, gives us the answers, in this article published in Thisaimani (Journey 2) - an APF-Puducherry District Institute publication.

The third issue of LLT, brought out in January 2013, deals with multilingual classrooms and the bringing together of language and culture - 'Do Language Codes Affect Multilingualism'?, 'Designing Second Language Curriculum' and 'The Way Forward for English Language Teachers', among others. Also find book reviews, classroom activities and reports on language workshops.

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