On face of it, they indeed are EVS activities. When you scratch the surface, you will notice so many other interesting themes (like, surveying, map making, presenting data, creating workable models and prototyping) that come handy in other subjects, emerge on the sidelines of the content explored. Try them out.


Meena shows the way that your health is in your very hands.


When a woman reaches puberty, it is the most natural thing...yet from time immemorial we've been trying to brush the whole issue under the carpet and making women feel dirty about the most beautiful aspect of their lives. Why? Isn't it time we changed things? 

Bhutan is  the only country which measures success by its happiness quotient and good health is an important aspect of happiness!
Watch this video for 15 simple mantras for good health. The images are from the UNICEF document for Bhutan on Public Health.

Written and illustrated by Sorit Gupta, this fun book on germs and soap is intended for children who love listening to stories and are eager to begin reading themselves.

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