holistic education

This article is based on my learning from education. People say that education is a lifelong process. What is Nayi Talim? It may be to understand the students and connect with our selves.


I was just lying down after returning from the school, when someone knocked on the door. Vijay, from grade 5th and Rakesh from grade 6th were standing at the door. They entered and demanded,

‘Ben, we want bhakhri’

‘Please, I am tired. Not now,’ I replied.

‘But Ben, we will help you. Please do it.’ They brought me to the kitchen.

According to Krishnamurti , the real problem in education is the educator. This is not to question the competence of the teacher in particular fields of knowledge, but to point out that the teacher’s own sensitivity to any situation is equally important, especially to the growing child’s inner needs and to the forces and influences which are shaping the minds and feelings of both the child and the adult.

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