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Use these videos to understand how to implement Pair Work and Group Work in your classroom. These ideas can then be incorporated in your own classroom.

A teacher skilfully involves all his students in purposeful activity in a multigrade, multilingual context.

‘Mathematics Mela’ was an alien and unimaginable word to me before this was held in our school. Generally schools arrange science exhibition or science mela where children display things that take place in day to day life and are also connected with principles of science. These exhibits, or events, are presented from the point of view of science and children participate in it with a lot of enthusiasm. This was my only experience about melas.

Learning mathematics can be easy if the learner studying mathematics is ready to get his/her mind straight to the subject. There are several things which can make mathematics learning easy and fun for everybody. We list below a few possible tips for enhancing the learning of mathematics, and some of them may lead to different explanations at different learning levels and environments.

I, Saud, have been teaching Mathematics to students of Classes 6, 7 and 8 in the Azim Premji School for the last five years. In each class there are three to four students with little interest in Mathematics. Two years back, there were three such - students in Class-6, and their behaviour with classmates and teachers too was not proper. Speaking loudly in class, using bad language and quarrelling was usual.

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