This TED Ed lesson takes you though the history & science of milk production.

After showing the video, invite your learners to this short quiz.

Additional info for further discussions:

This time in Meena's story, her teacher talks about the need for cleanliness and how it helps them stay away from disease causing worms.

This story of Meena focuses on the importance of proper hygiene. It teaches that people must use latrines, and wash their hands with safe, clean water and soap or ashes after using latrines and before touching food if they wish to stay healthy. These simple habits prevent deadly diseases like diarrhoea.

part 1

Meena shows the way that your health is in your very hands.


Your students know who Malala Yousufzai is. Now introduce them to UNICEF's Meena, her brother Raju and parrot Mithoo through the presentation and animated videos.

Bhutan is  the only country which measures success by its happiness quotient and good health is an important aspect of happiness!
Watch this video for 15 simple mantras for good health. The images are from the UNICEF document for Bhutan on Public Health.


This presentation is intended to serve as a model for teachers to develop better lesson plans when dealing with the topic of nutrition and the components of food.

The latest issue of Learning Curve focuses on 'sports in education' which explores topics ranging from the interpersonal and collaborative influences that sports have on children to the skills it develops, from the harsh realities about why people don't take up sporting careers to the challenges parents face while bringing up sporting kids, from questioning notions of competition in sports to detailing the power of a sporting mind, from examining the contribution of the RTE to revealing the NCF's take on sports education.

The activity of making a food mobile would make the process of "classification" easy for students and would go hand-in-hand with a discussion on food, health and nutrition.


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