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"I realized that quitting means just walking out of the 6 ft door. Yet people’s aspirations and responsibility don’t let them do it, sometimes forever. Because psychologically this was not what people were capable of because when their identity was defined by competing so intensely with other people, they could not imagine leaving” says this mechanical engineer-turned-STEM coordinator.


Try making this scribbling robot (and also explore the amazing Foucault's pendulum)!

What's in the toothpaste that we use everyday - Can you make some on your own? With the things found in your kitchen? In this exciting activity children will make toothpaste with materials commonly available in a kitchen. This helps them understand the different components in a toothpaste and what role they play. This is an integrated activity that can be used in a science classroom to bring some hands-on fun.

Rex D' Rozario was not a scientist. Nor was he a science graduate. When it comes to the most influential science journalists, his is a revered name. He was with Kishore Bharati, a Prof Anil Sadagopal's initiative.

Are you looking for a book that offers a fun, new perspective to science? In this review, join a mother and son as they share their experiences of one such book, called The Agenda of the Apprentice Scientist.

Here is a propelling need to make and play with this toy.

Arvind Gupta invites you to explore the concept of surface tension through ordinary kitchen materials like soap water and pepper.

Can you swing a bucket of water around in a circle over your head without getting wet?

This weekend have fun with your balloon powered boat & say thanks to Newton's 3rd law of motion.

Yes, you can build a motor where you don't need a magnet! Check it out.


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