habits of hygiene

On face of it, they indeed are EVS activities. When you scratch the surface, you will notice so many other interesting themes (like, surveying, map making, presenting data, creating workable models and prototyping) that come handy in other subjects, emerge on the sidelines of the content explored. Try them out.


This time in Meena's story, her teacher talks about the need for cleanliness and how it helps them stay away from disease causing worms.

This story of Meena focuses on the importance of proper hygiene. It teaches that people must use latrines, and wash their hands with safe, clean water and soap or ashes after using latrines and before touching food if they wish to stay healthy. These simple habits prevent deadly diseases like diarrhoea.

part 1

In a recent workshop in Santiniketan on 'School Health and the Health of the School’ organized by Pratichi (India) Trust, this sketchy report seeks to
demonstrate the willingness and resolve of a group of people – people like us who do not claim to be having super natural qualities – to cooperate and aspire for public solutions to public deficiencies...Read more

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