To understand this, we will have to first know why astronauts/cosmonauts wear space suits. It is obvious that special space suits have been created because living in space is different than living on earth, or even flying in a aeroplane.

In 1589 Galileo Galilei is said to have dropped two spheres of different masses from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to demonstrate that both will hit the ground at the same time, disproving a millennia old Aristotlean view. You have heard this story many times, but there is no account by Galileo himself of such an experiment.

Can you swing a bucket of water around in a circle over your head without getting wet?

The transcript

Me and my niece together do a video on why people don't fall from earth although earth is round. My niece was playing with a ball, and suddenly realized that a car rolls off the ball, but we don't fall off earth. Why not?

Here is a worksheet that attempts to give a human touch to the teaching and learning of the concept of "Gravitation". It will further facilitate the thinking & research skills of students while integrating the laws of gravitation and related concepts with other subjects.

This worksheet is designed to help students connect the concept of the Solar System with other subjects like languages and mathematics. The worksheet will also help them develop problem-solving skills.

We use forces all the time to move things, lift things and travel. A force is a push or a pull that makes an object do something. For instance, when you kick a ball, it is the force that you apply while kicking that causes the ball to move. Forces can make things change directions, speed, and shape. Force is one of the most important aspects in the discipline of science and it is essential that we have at least a basic understanding of this concept.

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