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Are certain individuals born to be teachers and can only those be truly competent? Or can people without such aspirations develop to become ‘great teachers’? Are there certain conditions, the presence of which foster such development? Are these conditions internal (personality, temperament) or external (support, opportunity)? These are some questions which emerged during conversations with an unassuming teacher in a school in Dharsiwa, a rural town in Raipur.

The School


Ram Kishore is a primary school teacher in a government school in Bidhoura, Sitarganj in Udhhamsingh Nagar, Uttarakhand For the 50 students of the school, he is the only teacher. The learners are first generation learners who also double up as serious helping hands to their parents during harvest season.  Despite these challenges, Ram Kishore is a shining example of a teacher who strongly believes (and practically demonstrates) that unless we make schools enjoyableto them we can't fully engage them.


When teacher absenteeism, high dropout rates, especially among girls, and poor teacher training wreak havoc on any government school and rote learning reigns supreme, expectation of learning outcomes from a government school is minimal. But then you haven't known these consistently-raising-the-bar schools across the country. We share one among the 6 such stories.


Busting the stereotype built around the government school, this article does a reality check on the government schools. [1]

The debate comparing private schools and government schools is age old. Many recent researches across several countries seem to indicate that, contrary to common perception, private schools in general do not provide any additional value over government schools in terms of learning outcomes. This paper discusses the issue with the help of findings from a few recent studies.



When Azim Premji Foundation made a fundamental decision to work with rural Government schools and focus on Government School Education System (as opposed to individual geographies or schools) it was fully aware of the several challenges that exist in the Government schooling system. In many ways, it was a natural decision for the Foundation.

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