gender discrimination

It is typical for a teacher to say, “Abhishek looks so confident, and he will make a good leader while Nazneen is so caring and she will be able to handle children well”. What is wrong with these observations? Well, nothing is inherently wrong but it leaves an impression on the children that can be extremely damaging. Do we ever say that a boy is so caring that he will be good with children? Gender stereotypes are perpetuated in every social institution and schools are no exceptions.

This episode of the popular animation series, Meena, focuses on the importance of education for girl children in south Asia. In many households, girls are relegated to household work and are not allowed to study, but education is essential for all girl children. Education allows girls to not only fulfill their developmental capacity, but to assist their families in many ways.

Work knows no gender. It builds rapport and sensitivity to each other when done together. Here's Meena's story that questioned the prevailing gender discrimination. A question to ponder: How far have we evolved from that sorry state of inequality since its first broadcast?

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