Naresh Dhakecha gives you and your students a reason to brings apps in to the classroom!

How about a organizing a class field trip for your students to celebrate Children's Day?

Children get to eat cake and learn too! This interdisciplinary resource demonstrates how various skills can be learned in the kitchen.

Note: Please download the ppt file and view it using powerpoint (as a slideshow).

Children don’t mind working hard when they enjoy it. Here are 10 ways to make homework creative, interesting and fun.

Sing with Tom this 'funky' math song!


Actual education can begin only after the child has already acquired the necessary basics. Reading and writing are preceded by recognizing, understanding and connecting. Teacher Plus suggests a few pre-reading and pre-learning activities to help prepare a child for the education which is to follow soon.

A lesson is often more interesting when students are given activities based on it. This article written by Athirai K shows us how activities can be designed around a lesson. It was published in Thisaimani (Journey 4) - an APF-Puducherry District Institute publication.

Going to school is fun. 

This story about a little girl's experience in school was originally written in Hindi 'Hamaari Balwadi' by Rukmini Banerji and illustrated by Sheetal Thapa and has been translated into English by Madhav Chavan.

Every English teacher has experienced it – the ennui and the lack of interest displayed by students when confronted with poetry lessons. Here is a novel approach to poetry teaching that shows how poetry can be fun.

“Children, let’s do poetry today,” and the teacher gets an assortment of reactions. Tense “oh’s” of boredom and occasionally, a delighted squeal of joy (if only a few more would).

Fun problems to solve...the solutions will appear in the next issue.


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