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During my interaction with the primary, elementary and secondary classes of my internship school, I found that children (majority of them) deemed themselves as unable to express their thoughts in writing. During the initial days, it came to them as a surprise when they were asked to write without having anything to ‘copy’ from. This is the reality of majority of our state-run and privately-run schools. Writing to them is nothing but ‘copying down’ whatever the teacher has to say.

Writing can be made fun and interesting by asking children to write on topics related to their daily lives or topics they can easily relate to. Children hesitate to express themselves in writing due to the lack of adequate vocabulary and expression.  Here are some suggested writing activities for children that prepare them for writing by beginning with brainstorming and discussion,  giving the right prompts, encouraging them to organize their thoughts, equipping them with   sufficient vocabulary  and expression, thus helping them to write better.

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