While teaching her students about vitamins and minerals, M. Sandacoumary came up with the idea of a game on the topic.

This activity will help students revise the effects of certain nutritional and deficiency diseases.

A simple worksheet that enables students to connect the names with the parts and the functions of the human digestive system.

This activity will help students better understand the components of food and its uses by taking into consideration the nutritional needs of different individuals.

This presentation is intended to serve as a model for teachers to develop better lesson plans when dealing with the topic of nutrition and the components of food.

Drawing a parallel between the human body and a machine and discussing the similarities and differences will help the students begin their journey towards understanding nature’s most amazing ‘machine'.

Food is an important aspect of festivals. But how much do we know about the traditional dishes associated with each festival? Here is a crossword puzzle with some popular delicacies from across the globe.

This game can be used to teach students the nutritive value of various foods.



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