Teacher Man: A Memoir

by Frank McCourt

Scribner, USA (November 2005); 272 pages

A Review  by Sitalakshmi Natarajan

A great deal of science can be explained through simple experiments, performed at home, using locally available and low-cost material. Similarly, science can also be discovered by questioning a phenomenon or incident. This article presents a few simple but exciting experiments that can be used to understand some foundational principles in physics.

Known for his innovative experiments and his contributions to the development of experimental-based teaching methods, Umeshchandra Chauhan has received many awards, including one from the President of India, for his efforts. He started out as an assistant teacher, participated in the ‘Hoshangabad Science Teaching Programme’ and went on to develop low-cost models for teaching science.


It is an educator's guide for teaching science, mathematics & technology .It can be used across all age groups. It is a sheer pleasure to go through this immensely inspiring hands-on activities book.

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