Anitha R writes about a project undertaken by class 8 students to create a zero energy refrigeration system. She shares some of the activities they carried out, in this article published in Thisaimani (Journey 4) - an APF-Puducherry District Institute publication.

Vigyan Prasar & IISER, Pune present Prof Pierre Fontes who through kitchen, toys and day to day materials deconstructs the aura of science for school teachers. Here is a short clip on attraction & repulsion.

The author shares, in his article, his experiences with Teaching Learning Material...

The worksheet is designed to help students understand Archimedes' principle and its application. The worksheet will also help them understand all the terms associated with Archimedes' principle, apply it in their day to day life, and connect it with other subjects.

Teach your students about seed germination with this fun science experiment.

An innovative idea can originate at any stage of life. The things which the adults may see as simple things can trigger innovation in a young mind. The seeds of innovative scientific temperament need to be cultivated and harvested. Just as a grape wine needs space to grow, the young mind also needs an environment where they get a chance to build on a concept, test it and learn from it. Though they may not know heavy scientific terminology or definitions, they do know how to make their ideas a reality.

This issue of Learning Curve focuses on 'Innovative teaching-learning practices' - recipes that have been tried and tested and found to be efficacious, not methods recommended by textbooks. They are practical and completely doable in the most ordinary circumstances, as most classrooms in India find themselves in. No special equipment is required to try out these ways of teaching and the common thread running through them is just the desire to make a difference.

This activity will demonstrate the distribution of water on the earth

This activity will show children that water drops can be used as lenses to magnify things.


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