Since they are introduced together, one frequently finds children mixing up the two concepts. Also formulae for arriving at these measures are brought in too quickly - well before the concepts are fully understood. One can avoid this problem by spacing out these two concepts. Area could be explored in the first stage as it occurs frequently in a child's everyday experiences.

Manish Chandi writes about our recognizing features of the Earth...because places do have faces after all.

Anything shared in the form of a story is more captivating. Nimesh Ved shares his experience...


Teaching your own students is at times testing enough. Substituting for a class has its own uncomfortable zones. Are there any pointers to make this experience a little more comfortable?

"Art has this wonderful capacity of being all interlinked," says Naina, a teacher at Vidyaranya School, Hyderabad.
In this video, she shares her reflections on teaching English.

Adharshila Learning Centre puts into practice what everyone has been talking about — hands-on and contextual learning, work and skill based education...


The first book I remember reading where a teacher was a prominent character was ‘To Sir, With Love’ by E R Braithwaite. The film, as many of us know, was also made into a successful motion picture and warmed the hearts of many teachers who had similarly faced the slings and arrows of outrageous students.

One sees many toddlers being confined to smaller spaces. In the pretext of safety, discipline and additional work load caused due to the mess they create, they are seldom allowed to learn by exploring their curiosity. This article attempts to bring out the impact of letting or not letting a child explore and experience through examples of ‘exploring an orange’ and ‘exploring sand in the sandpit.’

Yesterday, one of my juniors called me. “Samvida, I have my physics exam tomorrow, and I have a doubt. Can you help me?” I was only too happy to assist, and spent a couple of minutes going over the question with her. When we reached a concept she hadn’t learnt yet, I began explaining to her, but she cut me off midway. “It’s okay, we haven’t learnt it, it can’t come in the paper,” she assured me confidently. When I put down the phone, I did so with some niggling uneasiness.
I studied in a private English-medium co-ed School in Dharwad, Karnataka from Kindergarten to the 10th standard. Our School started in a decades-old girls' Kannada-medium high school building. I remember moving to our own school building in the same campus in the 8th Standard.


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