Urmila Chowdhury


What sets this school apart? Read on to find out!


Children don’t mind working hard when they enjoy it. Here are 10 ways to make homework creative, interesting and fun.

Are you overwhelmed by the love that your students have for you? And are you wondering what you have done to deserve this kind of attention? Here are seven reasons.

1. Enthusiasm for learning

How does one go about motivating a class as a whole? Here is what Anita Tomer, a class 3 teacher, did.

Little Star Public School is an affordable private School located in the semi urban area, Karawal Nagar in East Delhi. Anita Tomer, a Grade 3 teacher, noticed that her students were not coming to school regularly because they were not motivated enough. She realised that this was contributing to low teacher morale and to poor students results.

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