This lesson plan provides students with the context needed for the use of the present continuous tense.

This lesson plan enhances the students’ imagination by allowing them to alter the story and introduces new vocabulary related to the homes of animals.

A basic knowledge of the English language is an essential skill today. This worksheet has activities that will test the reading and writing levels of children and improve their knowledge of the subject.

A variety of skills like sequencing, punctuation, reading skills, dictionary skills etc., can be developed in the language class while teaching any language. Here are a set of generic worksheets in English that test some of these skills.

The lesson has been used  to help students identify the learning  from a story and this activity leads  to the introduction  of proverbs. It gives them an understanding of how certain  situations could have led to the creation of certain  proverbs.

An inter-disciplinary approach is introduced by using a poem to explore  the senses and the sense organs, a topic that children learn through EVS. The lesson helps children  recite and appreciate poetry, recognize rhyming words and develop vocabulary around  the senses and the sense organs.

This lesson plan provides an opportunity to nurture creativity in children and create a vibrant environment in the classroom by taking them through a guided process of creating simple rhymes.


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