Energy audit

A significant source of air pollution, so visible in our urban centers, is emissions from motorized vehicles. This article describes a clean energy approach to vehicular transport. Solar energy can be harnessed to produce hydrogen, which can be converted to electricity on-demand to drive electric vehicles.

Our energy needs are posing a severe threat to the climatic conditions that have allowed life to exist and flourish on earth. What are the sources of energy? How do we use it? Can we make energy choices that minimize our impact on the climate? This article is a tentative step towards exploring these questions.

When we think of energy and energy conservation more often than not we think mainly of electricity. This is largely a function of the innumerable appliances and gadgets that – consciously or unconsciously – help us get through a typical day in our lives. We become conscious of energy only when there is a power cut in summer or we see an increase in the electricity bill at the end of the month or we run out of cooking gas! There is also a disconnect in the way we relate to energy.

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