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Abba. says it all, and so did Martin Luther King Jr.

Every effective teacher has a dream. Every successful scientist has a dream. Every businessman has a dream. If you don’t start with a dream, you can’t cope with reality.  But with a dream, you can cope with anything.

Six to ten years of age is appropriate, suitable and wonderful for natural learning. What one learns at this age proves decisive for future plans and laying the quality foundations of a subject. A child of this age coming to school is most ready for learning. It is based on this that many of the recommendations for the implementation of educational schemes, including CCE, are made. These schemes are still on their way, dreaming of reaching their destination.

His life comprised mostly of begging in long distance trains until one day he arrived at the shelter home for boys at Jabalpur. What distinguished him from the rest of the boys was his pronounced stuttering and the resultant reluctance to talk about his experiences in the group. My ‘icebreaker’ moment with him happened with very few words, amid paper, colours and pencils. During a workshop that I was conducting, I had asked all the children to visualize a place of safety and then depict it on paper.
Punitive measures aren’t always the best way to discipline students in class, despite what teachers are taught. 

This tribute to Dr Kalam is shared from Gavin's Zen Pencils website.

What Students Want to Tell their Teachers but Normally Don’t  

A dream begins with a teacher who believes. And thanks to Dr. Khushwinder, Swarnima Sharma's dream came true.


My first school was a small, cozy, and beautiful learning centre. Although apprehensive in the beginning, as the days went by I felt totally at home in that school. The school, which went up to standard 5, had few but extremely friendly teachers and students. Therefore, after completing standard 5 when I moved to a bigger school I felt completely lost amidst the big building, the many classrooms and the thousands of students. 

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