Learning beyond the classroom can, literally, be seen everywhere on the school premises. The school has put up learning resources for students in all possible spaces.


The Lambani community is one of the poorest communities in the region and is engaged in agricultural labour. Since agriculture work is seasonal, they have to migrate to find work. Most of them migrate to work in the sugarcane fields in the neighbouring district where harvesting usually starts in October and continues for about five months. Families take children along due to which children are out of school for almost half the year and face difficult challenges in learning.


Empathy is the ability to understand the world from another person’s point of view, to appreciate how a person feels in a given situation. Developing empathy for a historical character is a crucial step that enhances the student’s ability to understand people in the context of the times they lived in.  Empathizing can also be used to bring out different perspectives while discussing an event or a person from the past. 

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